Dr. Kenneth O. Robinson II

“The Financial Doctor”

Dr. Robinson developed a passion to teach individuals the importance of dreaming again and trusting God to restore them to their God-given purpose and assignment.  This new found passion and revelation became the bedrock of a new chapter within his life and birthed the name for his church, The DreamLife Worship Center. Under Dr. Robinson’s direction, the ministry has ministered to thousands and has remained committed to helping individuals fulfill their dreams and live on purpose, with purpose.

Know for his expertise in biblical studies and finances, Dr. Robinson is a graduate of St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore, Maryland and holds his Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies and Counseling from Family Bible College and Seminary of Baltimore, Maryland. He also received an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from St. Thomas Christian College and Seminary.

Skilled in the area of finances, Dr. Robinson holds a B.S. Degree in Accounting from Morgan State University and is a graduate of The American Academy of Certified Estate Planners, where he received his Master Certified Estate Planner (M.C.E.P.) license.

Called to empower and inspire people to discover their dreams, fulfill their purpose and maximize their potential while reaching their spiritual and financial destiny,  Dr. Robinson is the author of 5 books; Sex In The City of God, God’s House Party, Creating Wealth in The New Economy Workbook and his most recent publications, Keys to Unlock Your Financial Destiny – foreworded by the late Dr. Myles Munroe and Here Comes The Dreamer foreworded by Dr. Cindy Trimm.

Dr. Robinson has shared the conference platform with ministry greats such as the late Dr. Myles Monroe, Dr. Creflo Dollar, and Dr. Cindy Trimm to name a few. He has been featured on various media outlets such as The Word Network, Fox 45 Morning, ABC Channel 2’s “To The Point” and the Grace and Glory Show with Lee Michaels.

Married to his partner in ministry, Pastor Lenyar Robinson, Dr. Kenneth is a devote father of four children; Joshua, Joseph, Chloe and Gabrielle.

Lady Lenyar Robinson

Pastor Lenyar Denise Robinson was born and raised in St. Louis, MO., and was radically saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit in October 1987. She served diligently at her local assembly, Greater Grace Church, under the leadership of Bishop Larry O. Jones, for many years. Pastor Lenyar was integral to the ministry as she served on the Ministerial Alliance, Altar Workers, Sunday school, and as Praise and Worship Leader. Pastor Lenyar was the youngest licensed and ordained minister at her local assembly during that time. She also served on the International Pentecostal Young People’s Union Chaplaincy Staff, Altar Team, and Praise and Worship Team.

Our Mission/History

Our Mission

“And they (thy sons) that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places; thou shall raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shall be called, the repairers of the breach, the restorers of paths to dwell in.”  Isaiah 58:12

Our vision here at DreamLife is to teach our people the importance of a love relationship with God, His Word and His people. We desire to show our people how to build strong family units and train each one to pray continually and effectively. We will cultivate a family environment despite the growth and size of our church, and we will ensure we provide an atmosphere that is both relevant and reverent for our children and youth to maintain their interest in church. In doing so, we will equip men and women for the work of the ministry in the 21st century.

Church History

In 1991, at a store front with just 8 members, Dr. Kenneth O. Robinson, II, formed and founded Restoring Life International Church. Pastor Robinson along with his small congregation were on a mission to come together and strengthen their strong spiritual faith in God. Since then, the membership has grown and has transitioned to the DreamLife Worship Center.

Over the years, the Church organized many activities and programs, including youth groups, women’s and men’s ministry, community outreach and foreign mission. These programs and activities have expanded with DreamLife Worship Center. This growth and hub of activity led to the need for more space. In 2013, the former Randallstown AMF Bowling alley – a 33,447 sq. ft. facility on 3.19 acres of land and was completed in Spring 2015 to house the DreamLife Worship Center. 

The new facility at 4111 Deer Park Road in Randallstown, Maryland, will also house the DreamLife Enrichment Center which will include a licensed day care center for children and entrepreneur endeavors. In addition, new programs such as television and radio broadcasting of the worship services and additional missionary circles to meet the needs of the community are being instituted.

Pastor Ken and his wife Pastor Lenyar Robinson, along with several associate pastors believe in teaching and encouraging individuals to seek a deeper relationship with the Lord. It is the mission and vision of DreamLife Worship Center to help people live their dreams and fulfill their purpose by following the word of God and working productively to achieve their goals and aspirations.

DreamLife Worship Center is pastored by Dr. Kenneth O. Robinson, II, and his wife, Pastor Lenyar Robinson. They have four children. They are committed to empowering and inspiring people to live their dream, discover their purpose, maximize their potential and reach their spiritual and financial destiny.

What We Believe

We Believe In

1. The Holy Bible, both Old and New Testaments, as the verbally inspired Word of God.
2. The one true God, revealed in the Scriptures as Father, Son and Holy Spirit
3. The creation of man as good, and the fall of man from his original state into, sin from which he has no power to redeem himself.
4. The all-sufficient atonement by the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, which cleanses anyone who believes on Him from all sin, and salvation through faith in Christ alone.
5. Water baptism, as in the Scriptures, which identifies the believer with the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, and which brings them into covenant relationship.
6. A life of holiness and separation from the world and sin, no longer serving them, but serving the Lord with a pure heart.
7. The baptism of the Holy Spirit as a separate, distinct experience, subsequent to salvation, providing endowment of power for life and service, accompanied by speaking in tongues.
8. The church as the Body of Christ, a group of “called out ones.” Chosen to reveal God’s plan and purpose in the earth, and the local expression of this church functioning according to the New Testament order and organization.
9. The manifestation of all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit in the local assembly, God diving the gifts amongst the believers severally as He wills.
10. The laying of the hands by qualified and anointed ministry for blessing, dedication, confirmation, healing, ordination and impartation of spiritual gifts.
11. Individual and collective praise and worship. All expressions of praise recorded in the Old and New Testament are meant for practice in the church today.
12. The restoration to the church of all that the prophets have spoken, and the subsequent visual and bodily return of Jesus Christ to set up His Kingdom on the earth.
13. The promise of eternal life for all those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him as their Savior and eternal damnation for those who reject Him and die in their sins.

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